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The Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017 To Watch Out For

2017 is a year of change for many and workout fanatics are not exempted. I guess it is because the last Christmas was so amazing that many gained weight. Or probably, it is a habit that every New Year encourages change. If 2016 didn’t work for you, it is likely you are looking forward to achieving a lot this year.

So, here is quick look at the top 10 fitness trends of 2017

1. Equipment free training

It is likely you’ve heard about it before, but the truth is, it has gained a lot of popularity in the year 2017. Equipment-free training is just exercising without using any equipment. Unlike any other workout, it can be performed anywhere making it one of the most affordable ways to maintain fitness. This training is excellent for people who want to lose weight or gain strength without building muscle. Learn all about bodyweight training here: beginner Bar Brothers workout and diet.

2. Mindfulness

Apparently, this kind of training didn’t start yesterday. But after several studies, it is becoming more popular, and 2017 seems to be getting a win. Mindfulness a brain exercise intended to create a link between your body and mind. As we’ve been taught, yoga helps enhance fitness performance by increasing our flexibility, body control, and core strength. However, 2017 seems to be taking it a little bit further as experts intend to use it more to help reduce stress and enhance focus when training.

3. Circuit training

If you’ve been researching for some of the best strength training workouts, there is a high chance you’ve seen circuit training somewhere. It was there but wasn’t popular until this year. Circuit training is all about doing several workouts in rotation with short rests in between. It combines strength training, interval training, and bodyweight training to give you full body workout. Unlike many other exercises, it is affordable but quite challenging.

4. Wearables

You’ve heard about Fitbit wearables and how they can help. In the previous years, they were not taken seriously, but studies have proven that they can be beneficial to health. Wearable is simply a gadget that will help you keep track of your health by recording the activities you engage in such as the steps you take, the amount of sleep you get, calories burned and more. The primary purpose of wearable is to help you feel accountable for your actions making it easy for you to stick to your exercise routines.

5. Commuting

In the previous years, people complained they couldn’t find time to train because they were busy at work. What if, there were no cars to take you home? Well, 2017 has made it very clear that many people will have to drop the excuse and start walking from work to home. Probably, you’ve been doing that with your dog, especially in the evening, but is it effective? Find out when you commute to and from work.

6. Water workouts

Swimming is exciting, but many will just get into the pool, swim for some few seconds then rest drinking some juice. That was in 2016, and 2017 is about to change it. Many people are starting to realize that they can do a lot more than taking a little vacation in their swimming pool. They can sprint, swim intensively and even kick in water without realizing they are sweating. In fact, that is what will make it even more fun this year.

7. Express workouts

For many years, we’ve been complaining that we don’t get enough time to exercise. Or even when we get it, we don’t benefit from our workouts, because we do them slowly and in a short period. Here is what 2017 has in store for you; express workouts. It involves performing multiple workouts faster for better results. So, if you have 30 minutes, you won’t have to complain. With specific workouts, you will always see the results.

8. Virtual boxing

In 2016 it was just a favorite exercise for fitness fanatics who were looking for more fun. 2017 is taking it a step higher, and according to experts, it is going digital. Virtual exercise comes in handy for those who are ever-busy and can only afford to spend a few minutes to engage in physical activity. It features a series of videos depicting choreographed sequences that can be performed at home. You are only required to survive up to five rounds of shadow boxing. It is fun, engaging and most importantly, useful.

9. Personal training

Not all are willing to engage in outdoor activities or exercise openly in fitness centers. In fact, that was one of the factors that prevented the ever-busy parents from working out. Personal training has been there and was even popular in 2016, but 2017 seem to take it seriously. This year, you will see many people with fitness trainers. If you haven’t hired one, I bet, you are already thinking about it.

10. High-Intensity Interval Training

It started in 2016 but didn’t capture the attention of many people. 2017 has placed it on the top ten list and sooner it will be indifferent from rope jumping or dog walking. HIIT incorporates shorter intervals of intensive workouts that are followed by short rests. This training allows you to get enough rest while exercising making it easy for you to exercise for longer hours.

If you thought 2017 was about spending hours in your office or in front of a computer trying to make money, it is time you dropped that. 2017 is a year that everyone and that includes the old has a fitness goal to achieve. And you shouldn’t be an exception.


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