The Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017 To Watch Out For

2017 is a year of change for many and workout fanatics are not exempted. I guess it is because the last Christmas was so amazing that many gained weight. Or probably, it is a habit that every New Year encourages change. If 2016 didn’t work for you, it is likely you are looking forward to achieving a lot this year.

So, here is quick look at the top 10 fitness trends of 2017

1. Equipment free training

It is likely you’ve heard about it before, but the truth is, it has gained a lot of popularity in the year 2017. Equipment-free training is just exercising without using any equipment. Unlike any other workout, it can be performed anywhere making it one of the most affordable ways to maintain fitness. This training is excellent for people who want to lose weight or gain strength without building muscle. Learn all about bodyweight training here: beginner Bar Brothers workout and diet.

2. Mindfulness

Apparently, this kind of training didn’t start yesterday. But after several studies, it is becoming more popular, and 2017 seems to be getting a win. Mindfulness a brain exercise intended to create a link between your body and mind. As we’ve been taught, yoga helps enhance fitness performance by increasing our flexibility, body control, and core strength. However, 2017 seems to be taking it a little bit further as experts intend to use it more to help reduce stress and enhance focus when training.

3. Circuit training

If you’ve been researching for some of the best strength training workouts, there is a high chance you’ve seen circuit training somewhere. It was there but wasn’t popular until this year. Circuit training is all about doing several workouts in rotation with short rests in between. It combines strength training, interval training, and bodyweight training to give you full body workout. Unlike many other exercises, it is affordable but quite challenging.

4. Wearables

You’ve heard about Fitbit wearables and how they can help. In the previous years, they were not taken seriously, but studies have proven that they can be beneficial to health. Wearable is simply a gadget that will help you keep track of your health by recording the activities you engage in such as the steps you take, the amount of sleep you get, calories burned and more. The primary purpose of wearable is to help you feel accountable for your actions making it easy for you to stick to your exercise routines.

5. Commuting

In the previous years, people complained they couldn’t find time to train because they were busy at work. What if, there were no cars to take you home? Well, 2017 has made it very clear that many people will have to drop the excuse and start walking from work to home. Probably, you’ve been doing that with your dog, especially in the evening, but is it effective? Find out when you commute to and from work.

6. Water workouts

Swimming is exciting, but many will just get into the pool, swim for some few seconds then rest drinking some juice. That was in 2016, and 2017 is about to change it. Many people are starting to realize that they can do a lot more than taking a little vacation in their swimming pool. They can sprint, swim intensively and even kick in water without realizing they are sweating. In fact, that is what will make it even more fun this year.

7. Express workouts

For many years, we’ve been complaining that we don’t get enough time to exercise. Or even when we get it, we don’t benefit from our workouts, because we do them slowly and in a short period. Here is what 2017 has in store for you; express workouts. It involves performing multiple workouts faster for better results. So, if you have 30 minutes, you won’t have to complain. With specific workouts, you will always see the results.

8. Virtual boxing

In 2016 it was just a favorite exercise for fitness fanatics who were looking for more fun. 2017 is taking it a step higher, and according to experts, it is going digital. Virtual exercise comes in handy for those who are ever-busy and can only afford to spend a few minutes to engage in physical activity. It features a series of videos depicting choreographed sequences that can be performed at home. You are only required to survive up to five rounds of shadow boxing. It is fun, engaging and most importantly, useful.

9. Personal training

Not all are willing to engage in outdoor activities or exercise openly in fitness centers. In fact, that was one of the factors that prevented the ever-busy parents from working out. Personal training has been there and was even popular in 2016, but 2017 seem to take it seriously. This year, you will see many people with fitness trainers. If you haven’t hired one, I bet, you are already thinking about it.

10. High-Intensity Interval Training

It started in 2016 but didn’t capture the attention of many people. 2017 has placed it on the top ten list and sooner it will be indifferent from rope jumping or dog walking. HIIT incorporates shorter intervals of intensive workouts that are followed by short rests. This training allows you to get enough rest while exercising making it easy for you to exercise for longer hours.

If you thought 2017 was about spending hours in your office or in front of a computer trying to make money, it is time you dropped that. 2017 is a year that everyone and that includes the old has a fitness goal to achieve. And you shouldn’t be an exception.


What It Means to Be a Yogi (And How to Become One)

Many yoga fanatics start calling themselves yogis after attending some few classes and learning some basic poses. While you are not restricted from using this word, it is important to understand that it has passed through generations and means more than just a regular yoga practitioner. Unless you’ve learned everything in yoga and willing to dedicate all your time to yoga, you can’t reluctantly label yourself a yogi.

So, who is a yogi?

Yogi can simply be defined as a person who has adopted a particular lifestyle and has some qualities that are not similar to just any other person. It is how they live that inspire many people to call themselves yogis.

What qualities make a yogi?

Most often people think that yogis must exhibit certain qualities that depict how Hindus live forgetting that yoga is universal. What you must remember is that yogis are not limited to particular beliefs, cultures or rules that prevent them from enjoying their normal lifestyle. They are ordinary people who are proficient in yoga. They live openly just like any other person, and more often they try to encourage other people to practice yoga. Due to this, it is okay to say that yogis aren’t defined by a certain cultures or religions. We can say that they are more than that.

Can you be a yogi without the knowledge of yoga?

Many people around the world share the same qualities with yogis. People like Mother Teresa, George Washington, Henry David and many others. These people were fit to be called yogis because they lived like real yogis. Point being, being a yogi is not about what you believe. It is about how you live.

Can I become a yogi?

Yes, you can. As mentioned earlier, it is about how you live not how you lived. So, you can change that. You can drop your unhealthy lifestyle and start living like other yogis around the world. If you want to be a yogi, here are some few steps that will help you become one.

1. Start practicing yoga

Your aim of practicing yoga should be to improve your health, relax, and gain strength as well as healing. Yoga involves making peace with yourself and being happy.

2. Understand that yogi is not linked to any particular religion

Yoga is not a religion, but a universal culture that can be adopted by anyone. Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu, you can always be a yogi. What you must keep in mind is that yoga is about realizing your inner peace not believing in some god.

3. Practice meditation

Practicing mindfulness makes it easy for you to let go of unhealthy thoughts. Meditation is intended to help relieve stress, regulate anxiety disorders and reduce effects of panic disorders that can be harmful to your life in general. Lastly, meditation encourages you to focus on the current issues that matter a lot to your life. To be a yogi, practicing yoga should be one of your hobbies.

4. Make yourself pure and be happy

Probably, some bad pictures keep appearing in your mind reminding you of bad things that happened in the past. You may have wronged someone, or maybe someone offended you, and whenever you come across that person, the pictures appear again. If you want to live like yogis, you don’t want your past ruining your present. So, deal with them the way you can and bring happiness to your life.

5. Know your limits

Sometimes when you get to a yoga class, you might be tempted to do what only pro yoga fanatics who have been there for a long time can do. In yoga, no pain no gain isn’t a motto. Learn more about the foundation of yoga workouts at – yoga burn review. Besides, yoga is all about finding happiness not injuring yourself. So, if you are not fit enough to perform splits and other poses give yourself time. And if it doesn’t happen, be happy that you did not injure yourself trying to do what your body isn’t designed for.

6. Always talk to your teacher

You will only learn by asking questions. If you are too shy to approach your teacher to ask a question, you will be dragging yourself behind while you are required to move forward. More often, it is hard to talk to a teacher when the class is full because he or she can’t pay attention to every student in class. So, if you don’t understand anything, find a way to make a connection with him or her after the class or when you are on a break.

7. Focus on your diet

I believe you already understand how important sticking to the right diet is. If you’ve been eating junk foods, it is time to stop. You don’t have to starve yourself, but you need foods that will do nothing less or more than keeping you healthy. More often yoga teachers will advise you to carry some whole packable oats or yogurt to prevent you from buying junk foods; It is also advisable that you choose foods that are not only healthy but also that have sugars that are highly digestible. Just watch out for foods that will add extra fat to your body.

Yogi’s life is not only healthy but also fun. If you want to be a yogi, there is no other way of doing it better than living the way yogis do. But this doesn’t mean you drop your culture or religion. Using the tips above, find a way to fit yoga into your daily routine.


My Favorite Ted Talk: Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur that’s been all around the world, seeking out knowledge from all walks of life. He is an advisor to 20 multi-million dollar companies, and so it seems only natural that he would do a TED Talk.

However, TED Talks are bloody LONG! His is approaching the 20-minute mark, and that’s one of the short ones!

Transcribed, it was over 3,500 words. That’s a lot of data to sort through!

Luckily, we’re here to do it for you.

It Begins

The first few paragraphs of speech are him expounding on what could happen if you had experts in some areas coaching you in how to do things. Learning the business from Bill Gates, the stock exchange from Warren Buffet, personal happiness from the Dali Lama, bodybuilding from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and charity working from Mother Theresa.

All of these examples are just him trying to instill in you the importance of having a mentor. He gives these examples to connect with you, to show you how your life could change if you had a great mentor.

He then uses this personal connection to move into explaining how mentors are “stronger than you can imagine in their ability to transform your life,” citing how his grandmother was inspired to go to California by a role model and mentor that rented a room in her house back in Berlin in the 1920s.

He explains that when he was 16, he wanted to find the good life: Aristotle’s definition consists of health, wealth, happiness, and love. Tai thought it would be too hard to find those things on his own, so he wrote a letter to the smartest person he knew to help him find those things.

His grandfather.

He wrote his grandfather and asked him to help him design his life.

Unfortunately for him, his grandfather responded that “The modern world is too complicated. You will never find all the answers from just one person. If you’re lucky, a handful of individuals along the way will point the way.”

A little more, fortunately, his grandfather had more of an answer than that. Seven days after his grandfather’s response came, a package full of books arrived at Tai’s door.

Inside was the 11 book series of “The Story of Civilization,” by Will and Ariel Durant. That was his way of giving Tai a hint: the way to find happiness is to see how the people who came before you found it. A lot of people say you have to go inward to find the truth, but Tai realized he had to look outward.

So, he started reading those books, writing down ‘mental shortcuts’ on notecards when he found them and traveling. Health, wealth, love, and happiness were too much to focus on at one time, so he decided just to focus on health and happiness for the time being.

1For years, he traveled all over the globe to visit people whenever he read about them making it in the making, making themselves happy, and saw for himself how he did it. He visited Joel Salatin’s sustainable agricultural farm for two years, and he spent two and a half years with the Amish to see what it was like.

However, only focusing on health and happiness meant he overlooked wealth. As you can imagine, he eventually ran out of money, and then he had to go back home and live with his mother in her mobile home in Clayton, North Carolina.

At that point, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to do. Next, his car had literal rusting holes in the floor, and he had $47 to his name.

So he started asking around for help, and his Uncle helpfully told him he needed someone to show him how to make money.

So he found someone.

He opened the Yellow Pages to the finance section and found a full page ad for a Mike Steinback, and since he could afford a full page ad in the Yellow Pages, Tai figured this guy knew how to make money. He donned a too-big suit, had somebody drive him to Mike’s office, saw himself in, and asked Mike to teach him what he knew in return for free labor.

Mike accepted, and years later, Tai is an entrepreneur and investor.

He attributes all of his success to that mentor, Mike Steinback, and he finds that in the world around him, other people do too. He still travels, he still looks for mentors for himself; he reads a book a day, he writes.

And what he found is that mentors are everywhere. Albert Einstein had one, Jay-Z had one, Oprah Winfrey said she had two, and Gandhi had one. Alexander the Great had Aristotle, Bill Gates had Paul Allen, Warren Buffet had Benjamin Graham.

He goes on to describe what he calls the Mentor Rules.

The Mentor Rules

The Law of 33%

The first rule is the Law of 33%. He says you should divide up your life and spend 33% of your time mentoring someone else, 33% of your day around people that are your equals, and 33% of your time around people 10, 20 years ahead of you.

That last one is the one people forget about. They forget to find someone ahead of them, someone to mentor them. Someone that makes them uncomfortable since they’re just so much better than them.

The 10x Rule

He says that one should find mentor10 time further ahead than them; he calls it the 10x Rule. If you want to build a $1 million company, you have to find somebody with a $10 million company to teach you how.

And if you’re nervous about such a thing? Tai recounted a story about his friend, Frank, e-mailing people to mentor him. Much to his surprise, Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, the only man to own three companies worth $1 billion, wrote Frank back and had lunch with him.

Remember that these mentors are people, and they started in the same place you are. They remember what it’s like to be in your place.


His next rule is always to remain humble.

He recounted a story about Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, taking a trip down to Brazil and getting arrested.

Now, by that time he was already a billionaire, and 60-years-old. Obviously, a Brazilian jail cell is not the best place for a 60-year-old, so his host family rushed down and asked, “What the heck?”

They arrested him for crawling around on the floors of a store.

His host family turned to him and repeated the question.

Apparently, the founder of Walmart was trying to measure how wide the aisles were because he thought the Brazilian store-owners knew something he didn’t.


Right off the bat, he starts out with pointing out that Bill Gates started out his computer company at 12 and kept going for 31 years until he was a billionaire.

The media only shows us the success we reach at the end. They don’t show the grueling journey, the repetitive tasks, and the horrible work hours that went into that success

He then went on to recount a story that a real estate investor told him. The investor, a billionaire at the time of asking, got his start at 19 by visiting the offices of the top investor in his hometown every day for two and a half weeks.

17 times!

On the 17th time, the secretary that had turned him away each day felt sorry for him and told him to jump into the elevator when he left at the end of the day. He’d have four floors to convince the investor he was worth talking to.

At the end of those four floors, Tai’s friend had an invitation from the top investor to come with him on his private jet to Florida, to learn how the guy invested in hotels down there.

Years later, that 19-year-old is one of the wealthiest real estate investors in the world.


I know what you’re thinking. How can books be a rule?

Bear with me.

Books are hidden treasures. Some of the greatest mentors of history are no longer alive, so books are the only way to have them mentor you, after a fashion.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, wrote a book on his deathbed that costs $5 to buy. How many people do you think have read it? How many businessmen do you think have read it?

Spoiler alert: not that many.

The modern education system has turned people off from books. Here are a few quick tricks to rewire your brain to read more.

  • Look at books like friends, not one-time things. Read them over and over
  • Pick only a few. 150 should do it. There are 130 million books in the world, and you can’t read that many, but you can reread 150 for the rest of your life.
  • Realize that sometimes; books only have one or two things that are worth reading. There’s a lot of useless fluff to pad books out, so learn to separate that from the meat of the matter.
  • Focus on one part at a time. Read a chapter and let it sink into your mind. Maybe you’ll find a revelation in words?

Stoic vs. Epicurean

“A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean,” Tai wrote down, from that first book set his grandfather gave him.

Stoics were people willing to sacrifice present pleasure for something better later, kind of like investors.

Epicureans live for now. They were consumers. They said, “You only live once.”

His last point is to become a stoic. Learn to sacrifice something good now for the something better later. Stop eating sugar for a week, walk to get groceries, do 100 push-ups, turn the air conditioning off, something.

Toughen up, he says.

In Closing

His basic tenets are:

  • Find a mentor, no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re already experienced. There’s always someone to learn from
  • Be humble
  • Persevere
  • Read more
  • Toughen up.

You can learn all of the steps that have taken Tai to who is today from his the 67 steps video program.

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