What It Means to Be a Yogi (And How to Become One)

Many yoga fanatics start calling themselves yogis after attending some few classes and learning some basic poses. While you are not restricted from using this word, it is important to understand that it has passed through generations and means more than just a regular yoga practitioner. Unless you’ve learned everything in yoga and willing to dedicate all your time to yoga, you can’t reluctantly label yourself a yogi.

So, who is a yogi?

Yogi can simply be defined as a person who has adopted a particular lifestyle and has some qualities that are not similar to just any other person. It is how they live that inspire many people to call themselves yogis.

What qualities make a yogi?

Most often people think that yogis must exhibit certain qualities that depict how Hindus live forgetting that yoga is universal. What you must remember is that yogis are not limited to particular beliefs, cultures or rules that prevent them from enjoying their normal lifestyle. They are ordinary people who are proficient in yoga. They live openly just like any other person, and more often they try to encourage other people to practice yoga. Due to this, it is okay to say that yogis aren’t defined by a certain cultures or religions. We can say that they are more than that.

Can you be a yogi without the knowledge of yoga?

Many people around the world share the same qualities with yogis. People like Mother Teresa, George Washington, Henry David and many others. These people were fit to be called yogis because they lived like real yogis. Point being, being a yogi is not about what you believe. It is about how you live.

Can I become a yogi?

Yes, you can. As mentioned earlier, it is about how you live not how you lived. So, you can change that. You can drop your unhealthy lifestyle and start living like other yogis around the world. If you want to be a yogi, here are some few steps that will help you become one.

1. Start practicing yoga

Your aim of practicing yoga should be to improve your health, relax, and gain strength as well as healing. Yoga involves making peace with yourself and being happy.

2. Understand that yogi is not linked to any particular religion

Yoga is not a religion, but a universal culture that can be adopted by anyone. Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu, you can always be a yogi. What you must keep in mind is that yoga is about realizing your inner peace not believing in some god.

3. Practice meditation

Practicing mindfulness makes it easy for you to let go of unhealthy thoughts. Meditation is intended to help relieve stress, regulate anxiety disorders and reduce effects of panic disorders that can be harmful to your life in general. Lastly, meditation encourages you to focus on the current issues that matter a lot to your life. To be a yogi, practicing yoga should be one of your hobbies.

4. Make yourself pure and be happy

Probably, some bad pictures keep appearing in your mind reminding you of bad things that happened in the past. You may have wronged someone, or maybe someone offended you, and whenever you come across that person, the pictures appear again. If you want to live like yogis, you don’t want your past ruining your present. So, deal with them the way you can and bring happiness to your life.

5. Know your limits

Sometimes when you get to a yoga class, you might be tempted to do what only pro yoga fanatics who have been there for a long time can do. In yoga, no pain no gain isn’t a motto. Learn more about the foundation of yoga workouts at yogaburnbyzoereviews.com – yoga burn review. Besides, yoga is all about finding happiness not injuring yourself. So, if you are not fit enough to perform splits and other poses give yourself time. And if it doesn’t happen, be happy that you did not injure yourself trying to do what your body isn’t designed for.

6. Always talk to your teacher

You will only learn by asking questions. If you are too shy to approach your teacher to ask a question, you will be dragging yourself behind while you are required to move forward. More often, it is hard to talk to a teacher when the class is full because he or she can’t pay attention to every student in class. So, if you don’t understand anything, find a way to make a connection with him or her after the class or when you are on a break.

7. Focus on your diet

I believe you already understand how important sticking to the right diet is. If you’ve been eating junk foods, it is time to stop. You don’t have to starve yourself, but you need foods that will do nothing less or more than keeping you healthy. More often yoga teachers will advise you to carry some whole packable oats or yogurt to prevent you from buying junk foods; It is also advisable that you choose foods that are not only healthy but also that have sugars that are highly digestible. Just watch out for foods that will add extra fat to your body.

Yogi’s life is not only healthy but also fun. If you want to be a yogi, there is no other way of doing it better than living the way yogis do. But this doesn’t mean you drop your culture or religion. Using the tips above, find a way to fit yoga into your daily routine.